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Referral Partners Spreading the word about 1 Stop 365 Membership Program!

Make money by recommending STS 1 Stop to your friends, family, and followers by just posting on social media, sending links and info blogs to contact you with your discounts.

The 1 Stop 365 Partner Program was designed to recognize, grow, and reward members and agents with multiple streams of income.  Building your platform while creating a lead generator  for growth developing another businesses in your business referring clients.

STS 1 Stop 365 Partner have been able to add recurring revenue streams with our members by just introducing your affiliates, friends and followers to STS 1 Stop.  This has been done and growing by just directly guiding them through your success manager to create a paid account.  If your enjoying and growing from your membership its easy to spread the word talking about what you like by using your online presence. We have a support team to introduce you how to turn your followers into a cash flow by posting supplied graphic we have on your social media and to website readers to grow your business.

As we go into a new season, we want to make sure you are benefiting in every way possible. You are already a member so you can refer as many new accounts as you would like for FREE.

Just let someone you know what you like about the software and the support is more than enough. Last tax season many of our software users received thousands of dollars at the end of the season. So just call a few people that you know doing taxes or put it on your social media, another check won’t hurt you will it?  

Contact your success manager for more info and to setup your sales account today, get a jump start on the up coming tax season.


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Phone:  1-855-787-8291

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